Wheels, Deck And Handlebars: The Keys To The Best Stunt Scooter

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The wheels of your scooter are the ones that make it go round and about. The wheels need to be sturdy enough to withstand fast speeds. The wheels on the best stunt scooter will also have to withstand sudden changes in speed and direction of a stunt performer. This means that the normal plastic wheels of the commercial basic scooter will simply not do. The wheels for performing stunts should also be smaller than basic scooters so that you can gather up speed faster in shorter distances. This is very critical especially if you will join competitions in which stunt performances per rider have time limits.

The deck is the main body support for the rider when riding a scooter. This is the flat surface in which you put your feet on when riding a scooter. The best stunt scooter would have a very sturdy and very durable deck. A strong deck is very important in performing stunts and tricks because landing in a strong deck would mean safety for the rider. A weak deck may break upon landing and can result in extensive injuries which can end your scooter riding career. The deck will usually be made up of stronger materials than that of aluminum made decks of basic scooters.

The handlebars would be the support of riders before taking flight in stunts and jumps on their scooter. This will be the focal point of the body weight of the ride when performing stunts as this will be the only point where the rider is in contact with the stunt scooter. This will also receive additional pressure when a rider is landing after a jump. The sturdier the handlebars the better it is for the rider. The handlebars will really keep a rider safe this is where the rider grip the scooter.