What Are Mini-Squishies

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They always say that bigger is better, but for squishies, even the small ones are great as well! The jumbo ones are great as a part of a collection and it could be a more effective stress ball, but what about these small squishies? The windsor smith mini-squishies aren’t those usual squishies you normally see in the pictures. Yes, they are even smaller than that! These types of squishies effectively scream cute because their size is also cute.

Itsy-Bitsy Squishie!
However, what could a buyer do with this type of squishie that is so small? Well, it turns out that there could be a lot of uses! Knowing this, it wouldn’t be tough to consider getting one from time to time.

  • Use them as keychains
    Have you ever been forgetful of your keys from time to time? With the windsor smith squishies, that could be solved! Attaching a squishie with the keys can help prevent that type of scenario since it can make the keys easier to spot. Plus, who would miss the cuteness of such keychain? Place a squishie there so that misplacing the keys could be prevented.
  • Use them as bag tags
    Having a bag tag can already be advantageous since it can easily make your bag distinguishable from the others. Plus, having a bag tag can bring your personality! With this, owners should choose their squishie wisely so that it will be up for keeps along with the bag.
  • Adding up to the collection
    It would be great if there are more sizes added to the collection instead of only sticking to one size. Plus, these min-squishes will be better appreciated when we can see the distinction. This will be a great add-on to further diversify your collection. Remember that there are many designs to choose from so also see what’s in store for you!