What Makes The R1 The Best Segway Board In The UK

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Hoverboards In The UK
In the UK where hover boards are still high in popularity, there are multiple manufacturers and producers of hover boards who sell them for an average price of £ 200. This is a comeback after numerous retailers were asked to have a recall of their products because of the incident reports of hover boards exploding or burning.

R1: The Best In UK
When it comes to the best brands in the UK, you’re not going to find any brand that produces a segway board UK better than Rolab’s R1. Rolab is a manufacturer of segway board UK and their products are of high quality and pass the safety standards. They also offer a warranty of one year and a return policy of 60 days.

The R1 is marketed by Rolab as a dual balance wheel and an electric scooter. It is also referred to as Swegway or hoverboard. It works the same way as other hover boards do by leaning to the direction the user wants to go to.  This model is also marketed to be perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Aside from that, the R1 is powered by a Samsung battery which is sure to not cause any fires. It can also reach a longer distance per charge of the battery as compared to other segways. Furthermore, it runs on dual motors with 350W each and allows the user to run at a speed of 12km/hr. Not only is the R1 equipped with an amazing motor and battery, it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker that allows the user to play a song while cruising on the R1.

With the R1’s dependable components and astounding features, it is not surprising at all that it is considered as one of the best UK Segway boards.