Does A Regular Mattress Fit On A Bunk Bed?

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When it comes to purchasing a bunk bed, there are a lot of things to consider. Budget, quality, functionality, durability, preference, and measurements, these are the things you need to consider before you avail the bunk bed (lano meble). The UK bed and mattress size for the bunk beds standard has a width of 36 inches, the length of 75 inches, with space 36 inches by 75 inches per person.

The Standard Sizes

The common sizes for different types of mattresses are:

  • 76 cm x 191 cm for small single or cot
  • 106 cm x 203 cm for king single
  • 137 cm x 191 cm for double
  • 153 cm x 203 cm for queen
  • 193 cm x 203 cm for king
  • 183 cm × 213 cm for California king
  • 99 cm × 191 cm for single, twin, or bunk

Note that these sizes still differ depending on the country or manufacturer and the mentioned above are based upon Canada and United States standards. Most definitely, smaller sizes are more inclined to fit your bunk bed but you should be definite in size learning how various the sizes are. Whether a regular mattress will fit on the bed or not depends on two factors: The bedframe and the mattress. It is highly recommended to try fitting in the mattress before making any purchase if you do not plan to buy another mattress that will surely fit.

What do you prefer?

There are these custom-sized mattresses that are tailored to perfectly fit whatever the sizes of the bed frames. To add on to your comfort, it is still best to get the one with a perfect size and refrain from the uneven elevations the mattress would give.  It is also not so wise to have a mattress relatively too small for your bed. Find the best one that gives you comfort.

Is A Bunk Bed Safe For Small Children?

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There are a lot of stories regarding the danger of bunk bed (kinderhochbett) for children. Usually, it is used to save a lot of space and often cheaper. These beds are fun and enjoyable and come in different styles, colors, materials, and designs. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of your children:

  1. Standards

Make sure that it meets the standards as set by your country. Always look for the certification, sticker or label on your beds. These standards meet the required construction and design that is set in your country. When you already purchase the bed, make sure that you carefully read the instruction manual before you begin screwing it together. Upon constructing the beds might be dangerous so make sure to follow the step by step.

  1. Ladders

When purchasing bunk bed, it comes with rails and ladders. Do not forget to put the rails especially on the upper bunk. Never neglect the importance of these especially at night. Also, check the bed ladder to be child-friendly.

  1. Age

Always consider the age of your kid to sleep in this bed, especially at the upper bunk. Most manufacturers do not recommend children under age of 10 or less to sleep in the top bunk. On the other hand, consider also the age of your bed. Do not forget to check if the foundation of your bed is still strong. You might need to repaint this or screw it again to reinforce it

  1. Rules

It is always the best idea to set a rule for your children. Post in their room so they can see it every day. These include what they must and must not do in the bed. It can be no playing in the top bunk and there should be many children on the upper bunk.